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Glacier Canna is located in Michigan

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About Us

About Glacier Cannabis

From Michigan, For Michigan

Our Essence

Glacier Cannabis is more than just a name. We’re a passion-driven team dedicated to crafting cannabis products that match the pure, unyielding spirit of Michigan. Near our homebase of Ann Arbor, our mission is simple: deliver unparalleled joy and relief through top-tier cannabis products, all while celebrating Michigan's rich heritage.

Why ‘Glacier’?

Michigan’s majestic landscape, sculpted by glaciers eons ago, provides the backdrop to Glacial Farms, our cultivation epicenter. It’s a testament to nature’s powerful transformation. Our homage to this legacy? Mixing nutrient-rich glacial rock dust into our cultivation, endowing our cannabis with a touch of Michigan’s primeval essence. With every puff, experience a refreshing Glacier finish, an ode to our state’s magnificent past.

We’re not here for a fleeting moment in the cannabis rush. As Michiganders, our intent is quality without compromise, ensuring our products shine bright in a sea of mediocrity.

Cultivation: Crafted with Precision

Our innovative facility, originally an age-old horse barn, now boasts 13 meticulously designed small-batch grow rooms. Unlike mass cultivators, our small-batch approach ensures a keen eye on every plant, guaranteeing optimal health and swift problem resolution. This rolling harvest system keeps our supply fresh, diverse, and consistent.

Post-harvest, each plant is given time to cure to perfection. Prioritizing integrity, we hand-trim our buds to preserve their pristine nature, safeguarding the trichomes responsible for the distinct flavors and effects. Our Cold Snap strain even set a terpene content record, a testament to our unwavering quality.

Join Our Story

Glacier Cannabis isn’t just about products; it’s about a community. Together, let’s shape the future of cannabis, rooted in tradition and aimed at excellence.

Our Journey

Cultivation: Crafted with Precision

Transitioning from Michigan's caregiver system in 2019 to the commercial cannabis frontier, we’ve infused years of hands-on expertise into every bud we grow. As caregivers, our roots lie deep in the understanding of the plant's therapeutic potential. We believe in cannabis that we would buy ourselves, ensuring that our standards are as high as your expectations.

Across Michigan, the breadth of our clientele is vast - from musicians to mothers, athletes to artists. Everyone has a unique story, and our commitment is to enrich those narratives, providing solace from pain and enhancing the beauty of everyday moments.


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