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Unique Innovations

"Dive into our dedication: Peaks features a single enormous, flavor-packed nug showcasing the best what each strain has to offer. 5 grams per jar in just 1 bud!"

"Two nugs of the HIGHEST order! You are guaranteed to be smiling BIG TIME after you open a jar of Twin Peaks up! 2 nugs totalling 7 grams"

"The absolute pinnacle of premiere flower: a gargantuan colossus of Peaks XL which is an ENTIRE top of a flowering plant. Where else can you buy an entire top cola!? Only at Glacier!"

"When I needed to pack a bowl while on vacation, Avalanche Packs saved the day! Quick and easy, ultra potent, Glacier knows what's up!"

"At first, I couldn't believe my eyes! These nugs were seriously HUGE and every one of them was like that! Polar Packs have made a new friend today! Half zip of boulders and all pure fire!"

The Peaks Series, Polar Packs, & Avalanche Packs

Innovative New Releases

When it comes to creating novel cannabis products, you're in the right place with Glacier Canna.

Peaks Series

At the heart of Glacier's craft cultivation lies the Peaks series. First, experience the singular brilliance of Glacier’s “Peaks” with a pristine 5-gram nug in a variety of strains. Perfect for the connoisseur in your life. Elevate your senses with “Twin Peaks”, featuring two immaculate 3.5g buds, totaling 7 grams of pure ‘perfect nug’ delight — And for the true stoners: “Peaks XL” offers the grandeur of an entire top cola in a jar, with variable weights ranging from 8 to 14 grams depending on the strain. From the magazine cover to your jar, these massive nugs could sink the titanic!

These superior selections represent the "peak" of the Glacier cultivation process - the final, most cherished result of the intricate growing and nurturing process. It's where quality meets quantity in a product that embodies the best Glacier Cannabis has to offer. Tons of strains to choose from in each product line and so much variety, you're sure to find something you like.

Avalanche Packs & Polar Packs

Moving along to the Avalanche Pack and the Polar Pack series. Avalanche Packs are a full zip of frosty pre-ground flower, perfect for packing bowls on the go during a vacation or simply saving time at home when you need to medicate often. Polar Packs are equally exciting, a half-ounce of GIANT NUGS that are all at least 3 grams in size or larger! Gigantic glacier-sized nugs. Sometimes bigger is better! We know you love substantial, quality nugs. That's why we've curated the Polar Pack to ensure every nug is a showstopper. These aren't just big; they're Glacier-big – bursting with flavor, potency, and that signature frosty coating.

The importance of innovative products cannot be overstated in Michigan's market, as it represents Glacier's commitment to providing only the most exciting offerings! The Glacier Peaks, Twin Peaks, Peaks XL, Avalanche Packs, Polar Packs, and other new releases are a testament to our devotion to maintaining and continuously raising the bar.

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Peaks, Twin Peaks, Peaks XL, Polar Packs, Avalanche Packs








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